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There are lots of VTOL disc designs. Here are just some.

Lockheed Aircraft, Nathan C. Price
High velocity high altitude VTOL aircraft (1963)

The redesign of a culture

MISSION STATEMENT: To enhance the lives of all people through the human use of science and technology.

Source: The Venus Project


Dick Stasinos designed this saucer, in 1950. He was an engineering graduate of the Northrop Aeronautical Institute. Stasinos’s disc had a revolving outer shell and held eight turbo-jet ports. The center of the disc stayed stationary, along with the cockpit for the pilot. Two main jets provided the push and the eight jets provided the spin.

The disc is NOT in storage at the Ripley’s "Believe It or Not" museum in New York City. The source wrote so, but Edward Meyer (VP Exhibits & Archives Ripley Entertainment Inc) wrote me he can't find anything in their archives to suggest that Ripley was ever connected to this flying saucer/inventor. The original Stasinos photos would be archived at the Project SIGN Research Center (is that true?).

Source: Destination: Space UFO Template

C. P. Lent
Saucer-Shaped Aircraft (1957)

Donald S. Johnson
Radial Flow Lift Device, US patent 2,978,206 (1961)

kind of realized in the first Astro Kenetics test sauser (1963)

John C. Fischer JR
Circular aircraft and control system therefor. Patent 2,772,057 (1959)

Ralph Ring and Otis Carr
A new propulsion system? (late 1950s and early 1960s)

Searle Disc
J.R.R. Searl (1950s)

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