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There are only a few basic elements and they are the most fundamental building blocks of our universe. I can't tell you what they are for sure. Vibrating strings?? My guess is space and motion, but who knows for sure?! (and my name ain't who).
Everything in this universe is part of this universe, and everything within one universe is probably connected -more or less. There is no chance of complex things (which are a combination of many basic elements) not having a fundamental link. Complex things are build up from more basis parts, but these basic parts don't have to be small. The search for the smallest element might be as smart as to search for the smallest number. The problem with investigating the smallest, is that that stuff is sooo small.. and fast too. We are giants relative to that. There is so much left to learn. Our minds can't handle much, we don't work together well, the tools we use are limited.. how are we ever going to get to the next level!

The primary basic elements are the most fundamental elements, they are the building blocks of all there is in this universe. They are undividable. It is not the smallest size that determans what a primary basic elements is. More likely is the opposite: If the universe is build up from only two primary basic elements, then both their size could be 1/2 universe. Everything is connected, more or less. There is a practicaly endless amount of combinations that can be made with them, of which some are "useful" to humans and some are not, like how "dfeirn" means nothing to you but "friend" does. (same elements, different combination).
There must be at least 2, otherwise there is nothing to combine. It could be that there are only two states of one element, like +energy and –energy (which together are nothing). Most if not all things in nature have their opposite, so the idea that a primary basic element must have an opposite also seems logical. There can be more than two primary basic elements though, but I can think of only 3 so far:

Secondary elements are an illusion really, because they are build up from two primary elements. but I'll write about them otherwise I'd be done now.
Secondary elements are the most simple and thus most common combinations in our universe. One Hydrogen atom is an example of a relative simple combination (not a secondary element though!), and the planet Earth (with everything on it) is a larger, more complex combination.

Tertiary elements are a combination of three primary elements (if there are three).

Are a combination of four or more primary elements (if there are four or more). The amount of possible combinations here is probably already more then my brain can handle.

Misconceptions, typical human errors. Even when if a billion people share the same believe; thoughts are thoughts and not equal to reality. I must be wrong also!
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