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SECOND LIFE (1996-today)

Now in my 2nd life (after the accident) I draw with my head one a computer, using the KeyStrokes onscreen keyboard, and the Origin HeadMouse. Making drawings without hands proved to be very difficult and time consuming, but the digital tools make a lot of new ways possible as well.

A number of drawings I made for T-shirts and can be found in my Zazzle shop. This shop is cool, but their print-on-demand quality on dark shirts is not as good as screenprint.

Head-designed for shirts

My T-shirt shops: Zazzle

1996 - today
My first drawings made with head movements.

3D and 4D
First steps into new dimensions

FIRST LIFE (1969-1995)
Drawings made by hand with ink and paint on paper.

1988 - 1995
After coming back from the USA I studied photography for 4 years but I decided to focus on drawing as well. The nice thing of drawing is that there is no limit on your fantasy here other than your drawing skills. These drawings are all made by hand, with pensil ink and paint, on paper. Almost nothing is touch by digital tools.

Wanted to become an animator.

1969 - 1988
Little Giesbert. For as long as I can remember I have been drawing / learning to draw. These are from around 1980 (11 years young) to 1988. I have even older drawings, but these are very.. childish!