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SECOND LIFE (1996-today)

After the accident I became almost completely paralyzed. Is it possible to shoot photos when only your head can move? Yes. Very limited, but within these limits it is possible.

Taking photos without hands proved to be very difficult at first. I made some photographic portraits with help of Peep Papa, but I had too little control. In the beginning of 2006 I got my first digital camera. Kees Meinardi made it so I can control the most elementary part: see where I'm pointing at and being able to push the button. By driving my chin controlled wheelchair, I can point the camera, slowly.

to beautiful girls

Beautiful Girls
Mooie Meiden

Westerpark (Amsterdam)
And more places on Panoramio and Google Earth.

to studio portraits

Studio Portraits
Studio Portret

GWL terrein
Eco wijk Amsterdam

People, outside.
Vriends, family, neighbors, and people who just happen to walk in front of me.

Amsterdam & Noord-Holland

FIRST LIFE (1969-1995)

4 years of photography school, and years of doubt.

Living in the USA.
My first photos.