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SECOND LIFE (1996-today)

Making drawings without hands proved to be very difficult at first. Now in my 2nd life (after the accident) I draw with my head using a computer, using the KeyStrokes onscreen keyboard, and the Origin HeadMouse.

Together with David from AssistiveWare created a new "Head Designed" shop (oktober 2008): AssistiveWear. Here we sell screenprint (quality) prints. Only a few designs so far. More drawings I made for T-shirts canbe found in my other shop at Zazzle. This shop is cool, but their print-on-demand quality on dark shirts is not as good as screenprint.

Head-designed for shirts

My T-shirt shops:
and Zazzle

1996 - today
My first drawings made with head movements.

3D and 4D
First steps into new dimensions

FIRST LIFE (1969-1995)

1988 - 1995
Years of doubt

Wanted to become an animator

1969 - 1988
Little Giesbert